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P is for Purpose (in Presentations)

(originally posted on Jelson Estrella Capilos’ old blog on June 12, 2011)

Last May 28, Hya and I attended a parents’ orientation at the school where we enrolled Stacey. Save for the heavy rains, everything went well that day; we learned a lot about the school, its methods, and facilities, we got to know more about the qualifications of the teachers, and we were amused with the teachers’ revelations about Stacey when she attended summer class: they fondly remember her for always adding “ting!”, complete with a raised forefinger, whenever she was enumerating her to-do list (“I will brush my teeth, *ting!*, then wash my brush and cup, *ting!*, and pack away my things. *ting!*”), no thanks to Dora and yours truly.

After the first part of the program, we were separated into groups based on the year level of our children. Hya and I went to the 2s and 3s orientation.

Prior to the teacher’s part of the program, she asked us (a classic yet still relevant technique to get everyone involved) to introduce ourselves to the group, what we do for a living, and what we love doing with our kids. Given the instructions, we did exactly what we were asked to do: mention our names, our jobs, and what our favorite activity with Stacey is.

The instructions were so simple to understand and follow, right?

Unfortunately, this was not the case to most of the parents present. Almost everyone gave more than what was asked; one narrated how happy she was for having a biological child, when for most of her life what she did was rear adopted children; another proudly declared how her son can draw and color correctly at age two; a mom confessed that she enrolled her child as a way of getting some quiet time at home; another shared the fact that her son is more into Barbie than action figures!

It was Dale Carnegie who said that “people love to be listened to than to listen.” This reminder puts more responsibility on the speaker or presenter. S/he is given an opportunity to speak before an audience, something that not everyone can have, can do, or is entitled to, so s/he better make sure that what s/he has to say is important.

How does one determine what’s important?

John Maxwell said it best when he said that “everyone communicates; few connect.” Connection is established through effective communication, and effectivity here is only possible when what is provided meets or exceeds (take note, however, that the abovementioned examples are exempt from this) what is needed. This is where purpose comes into the picture. One needs to have a clear purpose for the presentation.

It is the dream that impels action, the blueprint of a building, the compass of the traveler.

In other words, it gives direction and framework to the presentation. Without it, any presentation would seem nothing more than the rantings of a madman, or a verbalized stream of consciousness.

Before starting an actual presentation, one must make sure that there’s a clear purpose behind it. In the abovementioned situation, the teacher provided the outline of what was needed, and we, as parents and presenters, should have been guided by it.

The nature of the presentation is a good way of determining the purpose. We were asked to provide information about ourselves and our kids; everyone should have stuck to it, and should have gone straight to the point. It would have been a different matter if we were asked to deliver, say, an inspirational speech, or to engage in a debate with another party.  The nature determines what needs to be shared, and how to share it.

In today’s “instant” world, where a lot of stimuli compete for people’s attention and focus, and messages get drowned in a torrent of status updates, wall posts, tags and tweets, this “P” of presentations is a must, for a presenter to be heard in the midst of the noise, and for the message to stick.

The purpose needs to be present in any presentation, so as not to exhaust a vital resource in short supply nowadays: the audience’s p, patience.

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Start 2014 Right! Attend EducAid’s “How to Wow” on January 25, 2014


Finally, after three years, EducAid gives in to demands and brings back its stand-alone trainings! We open this year with our “How to Wow: Improve your Presentation Skills NOW!” training on January 25, Saturday, 1 to 5 pm, at Rufo’s Timog Avenue, Quezon City (across GMA 7, a short walk from MRT GMA Kamuning station).

Whenever we communicate, we compete with other kinds of information in the environment. It’s been said that everyday, a person receives an average of 35,000 messages. How do YOU compete, then, so that your message stands out, especially if that vital sale, that promotion, that sweet “YES,” that important lesson, hinges on your success in conveying your message?

The “How to Wow” presentation skills training is designed to help you come up with messages that move, talks that touch, and speeches that stir emotions. In this training, EducAid Managing Partner and Trainer Jelson Estrella Capilos will share with participants techniques and strategies on how to create “sticky” messages that stand out and outlast others. Participants will be taught how to craft a presentation from beginning to end, how to avoid the sins of presentations, and how to make visual aids that really catch and maintain attention.

Learning investment is ONLY P700.00 inclusive of certificate, meal, training materials, and of course, amazing learning.

Now’s your chance to experience what participants consistently describe as “amazing” and “life-changing.” Preregistration is needed since slots are very limited.


Reminders for Participants of “Today’s Teachers, Tomorrow’s Leaders” 2013

On October 11, six world-class speakers will share their experiences and expertise with 500 educators from all over the Philippines for the first part of this year’s “Today’s Teachers, Tomorrow’s Leaders.”

The final list of participants will be posted on Friday, October 4. These are the individuals who have complied with all the requirements (submitted completely-filled out forms with their official IDs or appointment papers), received an email from the EducAid team, AND texted the number provided in the email reply their commitment to attend.

To get the most out of this experience, the following are guidelines that the participants are highly enjoined to observe:

1. Limit toilet breaks. As sign of respect to the speakers and to really get a lot from each session, teachers are requested not to go out while sessions are ongoing. Toilet breaks are assigned at specific points in the program. It’s not everyday that they will encounter the amazing speakers, so they might as well listen and learn.

2. Observe University rules and regulations. It is through the benevolence of the administration of Ateneo de Manila University that EducAid was able to secure the use of the magnificent Leong Hall, hence, participants are highly encouraged to abide by the rules and regulations of the University. Teachers are expected to stay within the conference venue while sessions are ongoing, in the foyer during breaks to visit the sponsors’ booths, and in the roof deck dining area during the lunch break. No one is expected to loiter around the University especially during the conference hours; failure to abide by this may result in being accosted by the roving guards.

3. Pay P200 for the meal or bring packed lunch in reusable packaging. The Ateneo is very strict in implementing rules for environmental protection, including banning the use of disposable food packaging. In light of this, EducAid will refrain from serving meals and beverages in disposable packaging. Participants are advised to bring tumblers or mugs. No food and drinks are allowed inside the venue and at the foyer.

For the meal, participants can pay ONLY P200 for the meal, snacks, and a very limited, official EducAid baller ID as ticket to the food line and souvenir!

Those who will avail of this option will have to deposit the payment to this BDO account: EducAid Professional Services and Events Management, 390305529. Send a photo or scanned image of the deposit slip to with the Subject: “Food payment of (name of participant).” Payments will have to be made not later than October 8, Tuesday. Participants may also opt to bring their own food provided it is in reusable, not disposable, packaging.

4. Prepare to have fun! EducAid’s seminars are incomparable to any other event that participants may have attended before. The teachers are encouraged to just relax, have fun, and more importantly, learn and apply. There’s a reason why those who have attended EducAid’s seminars can’t get enough, and most even become volunteers so they get to experience EducAid’s seminars on a regular basis!

The organizers and the speakers are looking forward to working with the participants build a better nation through better education.

Today’s Teachers, Tomorrow’s Leaders Venue and Roster of Speakers

This year’s “Today’s Teachers, Tomorrow’s Leaders” is bigger and better!

The venue (many thanks to the Ateneo de Manila University) is Leong Hall auditorium, on the ground floor of the first building to the right upon entering Ateneo’s Gate 3.

On October 11, 500 Public school educators will learn from these world-class speakers:

  1. Mr. Sabello Bibit V, Unilever (Positive Mindset)
  2. Atty. Danniel Ancheta (Teachers’ Rights)
  3. Ms. Myla Pilao, Trend Micro (Tech Tools for Teaching – Internet)
  4. Prof. Edwin Suson, RFP, University of Santo Tomas (Jumpstart your Financial Literacy)
  5. Mr. Jelson Estrella Capilos, EducAid (How to Wow: Improve your Presentation Skills Now!)
  6. Mr. TJ Manotoc, Switch2Save (Empowerment)

On October 26, 500 public school administrators, deans, principals, and department heads will learn from these world-class speakers:

  1. Mr. Roberto Tayag, EducAid (Tech Tools for Teaching – Internet)
  2. Attys. Lowell and Myra Fetizanan (Teachers’ Rights)
  3. Ms. Hyacinth Bibit-Capilos, EducAid (Leadership and Mentoring)
  4. Mr. Jake Lingan, RFP, Sun Life (Fit for Wealth: Financial Literacy)
  5. Ms. Rio Chipeco-Manotoc, Switch2Save (Empowerment)

Plus, prizes and surprises from generous sponsors await the lucky participants!

The “Today’s Teachers, Tomorrow’s Leaders” seminar provides a preview of the free, year-round services that public schools can avail of for their in-house training needs. EducAid’s seminars have been described by participants as “amazing” and “life-changing,” and this year’s “Today’s Teachers, Tomorrow’s Leaders” is guaranteed to have the same quality!

For more information, visit, Like EducAid on Facebook, Follow @EducAidEvents on Twitter, and watch EducAidEvents on Youtube. You may also forward inquiries to 0942-8-IEXCEL (439235) and

“Today’s Teachers, Tomorrow’s Leaders” is made possible through its advocacy partner Switch2Save.

Today’s Teachers, Tomorrow’s Leaders 2013

TTTL 2013 poster

EducAid’s “Today’s Teachers, Tomorrow’s Leaders” is BACK for Year 2!

This year, we will hold another free national seminar for 500 PUBLIC SCHOOL EDUCATORS. The “Today’s Teachers, Tomorrow’s Leaders” event will be held on October 11 from 8 am to 5 pm at the Leong Hall auditorium, Ateneo de Manila University. 

We have a roster of world-class speakers and trainers who will share with the teachers valuable insights that will help them in their personal and professional lives. Topics include:

1. Positive Mindset, Positive Attitude

2. Financial Literacy

3. Teachers’ Rights and Responsibilities

4. Tech Tools for Teaching – Internet

5. Yoga for Stress-Free Teaching

6.  Leadership

7. Presentation Skills

Then on October 26, we will hold the same free event for 500 PUBLIC SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS. It will also be held at the Leong Hall Auditorium, Ateneo de Manila University from 8 am to 5 pm. Topics include:

1. Leadership and Mentoring

2. Financial Literacy

3. Tech Tools for Teaching – Internet

4. Confidence and Empowerment

5. Teachers’ Rights and Responsibilities

Download (click the date you will be attending below the “Register Now!”) and accomplish the application form. Kindly email accomplished form to together with a scanned copy of your DepEd ID.

Participants will be sent a confirmation message once the forms have been reviewed and received. Participants are encouraged to send an SMS or text to the number indicated below to signify their commitment to attend.

For further inquiries, contact 482-8353, 430-1433, 0942-8-I-EXCEL (439235).

Help spread the word!


Registration form October11

Registration form October 26

*This event is only for public school educators/ administrators who are attending “Today’s Teachers, Tomorrow’s Leaders” for the first time.


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